Here at Forager Fitness, we’ve been asked several times about our thoughts regarding the U.S. Army’s brand new test of fitness. This led us to really analyze, breakdown, and develop several knowledge pearls and training suggestions to optimized ACFT performance. We’re calling it the Ace the ACFT Series. ALL of the links for each article that includes strategies and training tips can be found below!

We will be breaking down each of the events and giving everyone no-bullshit insights for event success for performance and injury prevention. We think you’re going to love it!

3RM Deadlift

The Standing Power Throw (SPT)

The Hand Release Push-Up

The Sprint Drag Carry (SDC)

The Leg Tuck

2 Mile Run

The Army Combat Fitness Test, or ACFT, is replacing the body weight/muscle-failure/endurance style APFT (Army Physical Fitness Test) the Army has been using since the early 1980’s.


The new ACFT is a more well-rounded test touching on several modalities of fitness not addressed in the original APFT. The new test slaps of Army PT tests implemented during the World War II era that implemented multiple events, and required the soldier to be proficient in a myriad of fitness tasks. An in-depth history can be found on the Mountain Tactical Institute website. A phenomenal resource for military style training modalities!

The ACFT has been met with both praise and discontent; many of the negative views rooted in the resistance of change. Unfortunately for the naysayers, they’re apart of an organization predicated on resilience and ability to adapt. Sorry Gen-Z…

Even though it pays homage to the PT tests of old, the ACFT is unprecedented due to one overarching factor. A raw strength event; the 3RM Deadlift. There have been variations in throwing movements, climbing drills, and running modalities, but none of the tests in history really had a power component like the 3RM Deadlift.

This event is the one getting the most publicity, so we at Forager Fitness are going to tackle it first out of the gate. Stay tuned for weekly Ace the ACFT Series articles! Please subscribe to our YouTube channel and Twitch channel! Thanks!!

-Rob and Nik


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