SUPER EXCITED to announce that the Street Parking team has personally given me the “go-ahead” to write a review for their business!

According to the Street Parking web page:

“You CAN become fit and maintain a high level of fitness with minimal equipment and on a tight schedule. Will it be “easy”? Not at all. You still have to work hard in the time you’ve got, with the space and equipment you’ve got. Let us help you take the guesswork out of your daily workouts AND provide a ***** community to help keep you extremely motivated”

Upfront, Street Parking is an all encompassing fitness program that Amanda and I personally use. Since transitioning out of Crossfit competition, we found SP to be the best for us to 1.) achieve our fitness goals and 2.) stay accountable. There are a myriad of supplemental products the SP program offers that are included in the ridiculously cheap price.

The program’s founders are Julian and Miranda Alcaraz. Not only do they have years of high level Crossfit training and coaching, they are parents just like us!!

I’ll be covering every feature that SP offers and how it truly assists me in pursuing DADLINESS. I’m excited to show dads that fitness and health is way easier to obtain that you think. I’ve been challenged everyday since starting Street Parking, and have seen immense nutrition benefits from it as well. All will be included in the review!

Thanks everyone!


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