..but it’s hard to stand back up. The ground made me fall…

How many of you think that this new generation sucks? Think Millennials are garbage and Generation Z is going to wipe the earth clean with SnapChat related car accidents? Could be true, but just remember, the generation before you thought you were the sole conductor of the universal apocalypse eradicating the human race is we know it. Did you kill all the humans? Nah. Lighten up.

I personally don’t believe in the downfall of western civilization due to petty-ass things that i’m unfamiliar with. Goddamn tinder, YOLO, and the “Kiki Challenge” aren’t going to set the universe ablaze succumbing our civilization into the swirling pit of Satan’s butthole. I have more faith in this world.

With that said, I do have some real concerns with the mentality of school aged kids. Since having our first baby, this concern has become especially important to Amanda and I. It’s something that I was even concerned with prior to having kids. Shit, it’s something I struggled with as a child that continued into young adulthood.

Children and people within the social media age are becoming less resilient. The fragility is off the charts.

Whats the reason? Who or what is implanting the notion of, “your life must be perfect ” and, “if you fail, it’s not your fault.” In a world that grows less and less supportive why aren’t our kids getting the skills to exercise gumption in defeat? A little ownership for their shortcomings?

The lack of resilience in generation Z and the millennial is a quality control measure alerting parents that something is missing. Something wasn’t provided to them during their development. Nature isn’t going to instill mental toughness and an armored mind. The body is too fucking busy fending off wicked antibiotic resistant super bugs and vape smoke. Lol.

What do you all think? Is it just the generation or a shortfall within the ownership of parenting? I’m curious.



2 thoughts on “Kids These Days

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